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The Clutch Players | Save The US Economy

The Clutch Players

When I played College Football, you always worked hard on and off the field to become the team’s clutch player and the coaching staff would always look for those players they could count on when the game was on the line. They would want to get the ball to the play maker that could win the game.

Time To Step Up When It Counts

Now my fellow American’s is our time to become ‘Clutch Players’. Our nation is on the line and we need you to come through when our America team needs you the most. November 2, 2010. Tomorrow!!!

I was at dinner the other night with a group of influential business owners in my local area and they had mentioned to me that they were not interested in voting on November 2, due to the fact that they didn’t feel confident in any of the parties. THIS IS LUDICROUS!

A nation that is founded on the freedom of choice and the power of the people and at this critical time we are saying that we’d rather leave it up to Big Government and just let them take control and run our nation.

I know that through my site Save The US Economy.com I have been on and off on my focus and commitment to improving our economy and our nation.

I will make this statement: From this day onward, I will commit to myself and my site to the speaking out, helping and improving our nation by speaking, providing, and activity seeking that which is:




The Principles this Great Nation was founded on.

Focus on benefiting the individuals of this great Nation.

I originally formed SaveTheUSEconomy.com with the intent to provide individuals the tools they needed to improve our economy with information and tools they needed to start their own businesses or improve their businesses.

From now on, SaveTheUSEconomy.com will educate Americans on what Government is doing to our economy. We all need to understand the critical factors of the role of Government on our economy and also how the financial movers shape our economy, and effects you and your family.

SaveTheUSEconomy.com will provide the resources needed to help individuals secure their own financial future.

I desperately urge you, my fellow American’s and good people of this Nation: Research the candidates running for office in our local government, the state government and all the way up to Congress. Let your voice be heard. Vote for those that are honest, caring, and most important, stand for the freedom’s our founders instilled into this great nation.

God Be With & In God We Trust

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