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Does Government Listen To The People? | Save The US Economy

Does Government Listen To The People?

The United States Government represents the ‘voice of the people’ or does it? Is the present Health Care Legislation really the voice of the people or is it the political powerhouses trying to make a point

I have spoken to a large number of small business owners and individuals that run private businesses. I have spoken to stay at home Mom’s, and every class of American I came in contact with to view their stance on the current Health Care Legislation. NOT ONE PERSON I SPOKE WITH SUPPORTED THE BILL!.

Interesting, I’m sure if you were to ask around you would find a similar result.

This bill was not ‘For the People’ or ‘By the People’ as Abraham Lincoln wished.

If we look past the manditory health care plan you will find several key factors that have devastating effects on the economy and small businesses.

1.  Health Care plan will produce a harder economic climate for Small Businesses

The plan states that- It is a requirement that people purchase health insurance.  This means that more dollars that were available for other purposes in the past, will now be directed to health care in the future.  Unless your small business serves the healthcare industry, these dollars are not headed your way.   Also, since nothing in the bill actually reduces heathcare and heath insurance costs, but actually increases them, an additional amount of dollars will flow into healthcare just to meet the rising costs.  These are dollars your businesses will not see from your customers because they are required to divert them elsewhere.

President Obama said that they will be providing “SHORT TERM” small business loans to help with this cost.

2. Higher health insurance expenses for Businesses

As noted above, nothing in ObamaCare reduces expenses.  The only way to reduce cost is to increase supply or decrease demand.  ObamaCare increases the demand for health care while doing nothing to increase the  supply of health care.  You will see your premiums increase if you provide healthcare to your employees or yourself.

3. Penalties and Fines

For some businesses, you’ll pay a penalty (fine) if you don’t provide health insurance for your employees.

4. Say Goodbye to Part-Time Workers

The penalty for not providing health care to employees is the same for part-time and full-time employees.  Since this penalty is part of the overall compensation expense for employing someone, it doesn’t make sense to employ part-timers.

The US Economy was on the verge of bankruptcy before the Health Care bill and now the cost are only going up.

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