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Social Valuation | Save The US Economy

Social Valuation

Will building Social Media audiences replace our traditional forms of marketing?

Goldman Sachs has tap into their private clients to inject new capital into the *most visited website in the world FACEBOOK. With this investment from one of the largest investment companies, it creates an important question that we need to ask:

What is the value of social media?

This is a new and interesting concept. Facebook has not released any financials and now they are valued at $50Billion. They are just recently beginning to build a marketing platform and the expectation is that with over 300 million personal profiles their marketing will be more direct.

If you are looking at this from Facebook’s perspective, it makes more sense to receive private money rather than a public offering. Private money is less expensive and offers more control over the company. Many have suggested that Goldman Sachs is placing themselves in the inside circle of Facebook so that when they take their business to an ipo they will be in position to do the offering.

I find this to be very interesting to the effect that Facebook is creating a new financial market and creating a new factor of evaluation. Social Media!

How do you value social media? Can you value an individual’s social reach?

This is an interesting platform that will begin to take shape, if I have more Facebook friends than you, Am I more valuable than you?

There is definitely a great deal of upside if Facebook would go public with the amount of interest it would command but what do the financials tell us, what is driving the revenue and when and where will we see the return?

SaveTheUSEconomy will continue to provide insight into this financial and marketing shift.

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